We are passionate about creating mobile apps that delight users around the world with creative, exciting and useful apps for iOS and Android platforms. We seek to develop apps that users enjoy interacting with and proudly display on their devices.  After all, a person's smartphone or tablet is more than just a device, it's an expression of their personality and their view on the world.  Therefore, their apps wind up representing their feelings, beliefs and interaction with their surroundings.

We bring together top-notch talent from around the world that is focused on user experience, game design, and user-focused design and interaction.  Our efforts begin with our creative team that generates  unique, fun ideas. We only make games that we also want to play ourselves.  If we can't enjoy them, who else would?Our development team is made up of some of the best programmers from around the world and makes our games sing and dance.  Our designers bring the characters to life through their realistic graphics, true to life forms and inspiring recreations or representations of real life.

Grab the gems and race back to your hideout before the police catch you!  Choose between 5 different high-speed racing motorcycles to make your escape from the scene of the crime.  Jump over hills and obstacles while picking up extra gems, power boosts and time savers that help your score.  But be careful since the police have their own high speed cars!

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Bandit Bikers


Glossarium LLC-creates exciting mobile apps, including Bandit Bikers