slots for caesar is out!

Simple, yet engaging, here's a classic slots game with an engaging twist. Travel back in time to the Roman Empire, and spin your way to great fortunes in Slots for Caesar.  Prepare yourself for the majesty and honor of Caesar, as he grants you free spins, gives you daily bonuses and you see your winnings grow.  
FeedMyApp says:
"Thrilling sounds, majestic music and beautiful graphics give you a fantastic slots experience.  You'll feel like you're in the presence of the emperor himself."


It's our vision to create the most fun and unique mobile games available that give users a fantastic experience.  We want people to say "Wow, that's a great game!" and will do everything in our power to make that happen.  

To do that, we bring together a variety of  top-notch talent from around the world that is focused on innovation, creativity, and user-focused design and interaction.  

We are passionate about creating exciting and engaging mobile games that delight players.  We develop games that are simple to learn but hard to master, and are so fun you just can't quit them.  Our players come first and so we focus on making only the highest quality games.  After all, we're gamers too.



Clouds-Majic is coming out.  It's a fast paced one touch platformer where you bounce your way among the clouds to get the high score.  Be careful you don't fall to your doom!

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deadly dash UPDATED!

Can you remain calm in this agonizing and frustrating platformer, even though it feels impossible at times?  In this simple yet challenging game you must keep the cube safe by avoiding different shaped obstacles, jumping over multiple enemies, collecting power-ups and coins long enough to get the high score and build a vast treasure trove.  

​Tap the screen to jump. Keep your eye out for hidden prizes and power-ups. Endless levels so you will always be entertained!

Turtle Ninja jump crossed


 3.1 million downloads!


Great warrior you have been called upon to defend your village, so you must race back to save it from certain destruction.  

***CONSTANT CHALLENGES AND ENDLESS FUN*** ​Only by jumping up the platforms can you reach your goal in time.  Make sure you land correctly, for if you miss a platform you could fall to your doom.  Watch out for the tricky obstacles and dangerous spikes.  Worse yet are your enemies who want nothing more than to attack and defeat you!
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